Flying Pie History

1974: Dave and Connie Parker start DJ’s Pizza in Mt View California

1978: Dave and Connie move to Boise Idaho and start the Flying Pie Pizzeria store on Fairview Ave

1979: Broadway store next to Boise State University (since closed) opened in Boise

1980: Dave and Connie sell business to Joe Levitch and move to McCall Idaho and establish Flying Pie Pizzeria

August 4th 1984: Dave and Connie open the Flying Pie Pizzeria on 78th and Stark in Portland serving dinner Tue-Sun, Closed on Monday’s for a “Day of Rest” (Cost of a Regular Supreme Calzone $4.50) Seating capacity was 60 people, with the “Smoking” section in the front of the dining room and “Non-Smoking” behind the wall where the video games are located….Employees between 1984 and 1987 included daughter Kathryn Parker (owner Flying Pie Pizzeria in Issaquah and Bellevue WA), Steve Juliano (Founder of Juliano’s Pizzeria in Vancouver WA), and nephew Terry Parker (owner of Olde Towne Pizza in Bend Or)

August 8th 1988: Ty DuPuis joins staff at Flying Pie Pizzeria

1988 through 1996: Flying Pie enjoys gradual growth, adding our Downstairs dining room, going completely “Non-Smoking”, opening for Lunch with “Customizable slices” daily 11-4, and started catering delivery to local businesses. (Cost of Regular Supreme Calzone $4.95)

March 1996: Ty wins the first of 3 consecutive “World’s Fastest Pizza Maker” titles at The Pizza Olympics during the Pizza Expo in Las Vegas NV. Business reached new levels of success due to the added publicity associated with these wins.

May 26th 2000: Flying Pie Pizzeria in Lake Oswego is opened. (Cost of Regular Combo Calzone $5.50)

May 1st 2001: Ty and wife Melissa purchase the Flying Pie Pizzeria’s from Connie Parker.

March 10th 2004: Flying Pie Pizzeria Gresham is opened. Sister Shawn (DuPuis) Kuhn and her husband Ken Kuhn partner in the store with Ty.

March 10th 2008: Flying Pie Pizzeria in Milwaukie is opened. Josh Welch and Tom Miller partner with Ty. (Cost of Regular Combo Calzone $5.95)

January 1st 2010: Kieran DuPuis (hired Oct. 90′) and Chris McGinnis (hired Dec. 92′) became Co-Owners in the Portland and Lake Oswego stores.

Our staff includes several long time employees who have helped Flying Pie serve outstanding pizza over the years:

Flying Pie Pizza Honor Roll

Michelle ReedJan. 90' - Present
Shawn (DuPuis) KuhnApril 98' - Present
Byron NataleApril '99 - Present
Bryan TapferApril 00' - Present
Christina AulbackMay 02' - Present
David PopeNov. 03' - Present
Jennifer PetersonJuly 04' - Present
Sydney RappaportJuly 04' - Present
Tom MillerApril 98' - Present
Ken KuhnNov. 03' - Present
Jessica BurichMay 00' - Present
Nathan PatrickAugust 00' - Present
Jared OaksSept. 02' - Present
Josh DennisMarch 04' - Present
Stan OyoumickSept. 03' - Present

In Memorium: Matthew Stowell (10/31/72-9/28/2007) employed December 89-May 07'. His contributions to Flying Pie will always be remembered. A  great friend and co-worker.