The Best Ever! Fat pizza, Fat toppings cooked to order. I prefer it well done extra crispy on the Xtra thick crust. Stromboli pizza is the Champ ?
Fresh beer on tap and free soda refills. Salad bar always packed with variety even at closing. I go out of my way to come here!  ?

- Ajan

There is a reason I come back here with friends and family! The food is excellent, and a great price! The staff are always cool people, and the atmosphere is 80s arcade and feels right! It is a kid friendly place where you can still have a beer, a slice and a salad from the salad bar! The lunch special is awesome too! A slice with a salad, breadstick, and a drink! No complaints from me, only satisfaction! Thank you!

- Alex

This Location continues to deliver big-quality good even during the busiest times. The beer: cold. The glasses: frosty. The pizza: delectable. We ordered the Combo2 which is my recommended pizza! Reheat even-tastier leftover slices in a frying pan on medium heat for 8-10 mins to get a nice crust.

- Egan

Seriously. I could eat a pound of that sausage they put on their pizzas as a meal unto itself. They are HUGE pies and the most delicious pizzas ever. Come hungry and ready to be hosed down afterward. Good tap selection too.

- Paul